The Creative Coop with The Winter Chickens

The Creative Coop with The Winter Chickens

Inside the Coop, you'll meet Marta and Rory Paul. As spring chickens, she was a dorky orchestra girl and he was a guy in a band. Time has flown, and they have grown, into full feathered creative Winter Chickens. They love creativity, to talk it, sing it, and bring it, to you. The sweet mystical Muse, symphonies, rock, and blues, whatever you and the Chickens choose. Roost with them, and hatch your own creative eggs. You're off the clock, come join the flock! Comment in an Episode or the Blog, email thru Contact, vmail in the thingy to the right. Subscribe!

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We Flew The Coop!

Sept. 26, 2021

Marta and Rory Paul have flown the Coop! Please join them for the Farewell of the Winter Chickens. Not to worry, The Chickens will not rest on their laurels, or eggs! They have other Creative ventures and adventures on the h…

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Create, Don't Wait !

Sept. 11, 2021

Queen's Gambit. Oh my God and all the Angels, what a magically real statement of You Do It. Did she ever Do It? It could have been called Queens Do It! And she did it so delightfully real and well. Not always perfectly, not …

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Creative Together II

Aug. 28, 2021

We welcome Chuck and Trish Simpson back in the Coop for the second part of their beautiful Loving and Creative journey. Please join us to be touched, encouraged, and Blessed.

Creative Together

Aug. 13, 2021

We welcome the creative couple Chuck and Trish Simpson to the Coop. We have mentioned adversity in our podcasts, and this couple has risen above that in a very beautiful way. Listen as we learn about and experience being Cre…

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Creative Empathy II

July 30, 2021

The Winter Chickens are back in the Coop with Marta's friend Janet Hunnicutt. We continue our talk about  Narcissism.. How to recognize, deal with, and heal it. Part I has been a very popular episode, so come join us for Par…

Creative Empathy

July 16, 2021

Marta is back in the Coop! With her friend Janet Honeycutt. We talk about a rampant problem in our culture, Narcissism. It even is rampant among, yes folks, creative types. How to recognize, deal with, and heal it. Come join…

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Black History Matters: Creativity Thru Adversity

  February is Black History Month. Our episode to honor that is hopefully poignant and powerful. We usually keep it light, laugh and joke, but not i…


(So, if you folks aren't going to Blog, I will. This time, a poem. You have been warned) "There's a Radio, I know, somewhere in my head. It turns itsel…

About the Hosts

Rory Paul

Chief Chicken (with Marta's permission)

Co-host, chief engineer, chief smart-a/ tho Marta can hold her own.
Some say he has more songs than sense. Stay tuned.
He and Marta have a music site at Bandcamp, see below.
FB? Don't get him started.....


The Real Chief Chicken

She is the only known Chicken to play in a large-city orchestra. The audience had to wear cackle-filters.
On the edge of retiring from public school music teaching. Help push her over the edge. Subscribe now. No filter necessary.
She is on FB. You might even get her started. Tell her about it. Leave a voicemail on that voicemail thingy over to the right there. Yeah, right over there. Wow. We are liking podpage (and they didn't even pay us to say that.....yet)