Of all the Gifts we are given, Creativity may well be the most Divine. We get to Make things. Cars and guitars, stoves and loaves, widgets and doors, Love and war. We get to choose. Choose wisely. Lovingly. Creatively.

About the Hosts

Rory Paul

Chief Chicken (with Marta's permission)

Co-host, chief engineer, chief smart-a/ tho Marta can hold her own.
Some say he has more songs than sense. Stay tuned.
He and Marta have a music site at Bandcamp, see below.
FB? Don't get him started.....


The Real Chief Chicken

She is the only known Chicken to play in a large-city orchestra. The audience had to wear cackle-filters.
On the edge of retiring from public school music teaching. Help push her over the edge. Subscribe now. No filter necessary.
She is on FB. You might even get her started. Tell her about it. Leave a voicemail on that voicemail thingy over to the right there. Yeah, right over there. Wow. We are liking podpage (and they didn't even pay us to say that.....yet)