Jan. 1, 2021

Creativity and Covid Part 1

Creativity and Covid Part 1

Song People, and other Creatives, Poet-Musicians, hear Creativity, the Feeling. The Music. Play big for the Listener, Play Big for the Creator. Stay Small, until it is Time. As we travel Pilgrim Road, Be a True Composer. Re-Compose the World.

Is the Muse immune to Covid? We aim to find out! With your help, your music, and insights. We share some of our own as well. And though immunity is ideal, so is carrying and creating on as best we can. With a little help from our friends, like you! In a time of winning and losing, there is still music and musings in The Creative Coop. It took a while, but most of the Chickens do ok with social distancing.  Masks are another story.







Both  0:02  
You're in the creative coop with Marta and Rory Paul.

The winter chickens.

Marta  0:09  
Join us every other week, we'll tighten up our seat belts. And together, we'll let our creativity fly.

Rory Paul  0:22  
Welcome to our podcast about creativity and loving it.

Marta  0:27  
Today's episode is about COVID and creativity, part one.

Rory Paul  0:38  
Whether you know it or not, your creativity is following you.

Marta  0:42  
Just waiting for you to listen

Rory Paul  0:54  
It's challenging, and affects all of us and our creativity. And today

Marta  0:59  
we're going to hear from you and how your Muse are doing.

Rory Paul  1:26  
Well, to use a little pun, or maybe it's a big, we've all been kind of cooped up, haven't we, Marta? Sure have. And we've been cooped up in different places with different people, some folks actually alone, right, which makes the cooping probably more difficult.

Marta  1:44  
And that's what we discovered with the responses that we got from our listeners. A lot of people are really challenged right now there's a lot of disappointment. Things aren't working out the way we had anticipated. And that's what we're going to talk about in today's podcast.

Rory Paul  1:59  
And we'll have some song clips from our audience. And even some song clips that we felt spoke to these times. So song I wrote a few years ago called pilgrim road. And it's about loss. And I think it fits even today. An interesting twist is that Marta added her violin part. Just recently, several years after I wrote the song, but she kept that same feeling of questioning and loss. 

Music  3:07  
Marta/RP- original song "Pilgrim Road"

"I remember riding down Pilgrim Road, deep within beauty of Her Majesty"

Marta  3:44  
well, I love that song so much. It's probably one of my most favorite songs you've ever written. Especially, you're welcome,

Rory Paul  3:52  
even though it's kind of sad. 

Marta  3:54  
Yeah, it's sad, but it's real. And I think some of the most powerful art is the art that acknowledges where society and where people are, even in hard places. And then when the viewer or the listener hears that they realize, Hey, I'm not alone. Somebody understands how I feel.

Rory Paul  4:13  
Yes, I agree. We don't want to. I mean, we could and maybe there's some successful podcasts that are, you know, all jolly and happy and wonderful and good times. But these aren't necessarily good times. So let's talk about it in a real way, and maybe if we talk about in a real way we can really do something about it,

Marta  4:38  
and really help each other. Exactly.

Rory Paul  4:40  
So this will lead us into our first guest comment.

Marta  4:46  
So this first guests that we're going to quote is a dear friend of mine. I've known him since I was probably 14 years old. 15 years old. We were in youth orchestra together. We were in college together and then he went on his way and wound up being a music producer in LA for TV and film and recently has traveled the world doing sound for live entertainment events. And he has a take that I think many of us are just not aware of. He posted this in Facebook a few months ago. And I connected with him recently asked him if I could quote him. And he said, by all means, this is Mike Andreus. And this is what he had to say. He shared an article about how Columbia artists has now closed its doors after 90 years of service. Columbia artists is one of the world's biggest and best known agencies and and now it ceased operation. This is his response. "Live entertainment is not considered essential. I guess maybe it isn't. But the paycheck is essential to the people who work in that industry. When this is over, it'll take many years to recover and get back to the live events that connect so many people worldwide. Many of the technicians will have found other work. The industry had reached such a high state, it's really sad to think of the talent lost. And I'm not talking about the act on stage. Some say it'll come back subsite will never come back. This seems pretty final to me. We may have seen the end of large live performances for quite some time. I think by now most of the crews have found something else they can do. Others aren't so lucky. If you enjoy music, Think for a moment where it comes from, to all my friends in and around the arts. Stay safe, be well, and look out for each other. There are some hurting people out there 99% aren't stars. They're just folks providing a service." 

Rory Paul  6:43  
Wow, I hadn't thought about that. That all the support people behind the star you know, we're we're so star oriented. Oh my gosh, this star that star? But what about there are hundreds, if not 1000s of people who support that show that we're mainly talking about live events here. You have most people have no idea. I have a little idea because I used to do sound for some live events. But we're talking about events that are 10 100 times larger than the ones I used to do. All that support. staff is like he said, they could be gone. doing other stuff gave up.

Both  7:27  
You know,

Marta  7:28  
right? I mean, when Cirque du Soleil folds, or the New York Metropolitan Opera is not going to be performing for months, all these concerts, all these tours, all these things are being canceled now. And that's a lot of jobs for people, a lot of jobs. And in December, about mid December, there was another article that came out I read it said that the live events business has lost more than $30 million. During the pandemic. I thought you said billion. I am sorry. I did. I'll have to say that again. $30 billion. Yeah, I

Rory Paul  7:59  
mean, a millions a lot. But billions, even a lotter

Music  8:04  
billions, right

Rory Paul  8:06  
And sometimes it feels like we're living in a movie

someone else's movie and it's a grade B movie. And Madelyn Calhoun's helping me sing about that. And of course, Marta's helping along too

Music  8:26  
RP- original song "Roll Camera Roll"

"Don't you think it's kind of strange love, a lot of this I know we've seen. Saying goodbye to Miss American Pie and living in a submarine, a Yellow Submarine"

Rory Paul  8:58  
"Roll Camera Roll, take a clip of my heart before it falls apart, take a cameo shot of my Soul, Oh, oh, oh"

Marta  9:32  
Wow, you wrote that song when, you wrote that song. A couple

Rory Paul  9:37  
three months, probably more like three into COVID when it suddenly became clear to me and a lot of us that this wasn't going to be just some quickie virus. And went on and on decided to make it like because it felt like we were in some kind of Grade B movie.

Marta  9:55  
A really bad one. Yeah.

Rory Paul  9:58  
Let's try and make it better. It's good to touch base with people about how they've been doing in the Grade B movie.

Marta  10:05  
Right, right. So I had a second listener, or one of our audience members respond to my question, and that was Brent Register. Brent, and I go back just about as far as Mike and I do, we met the same place and youth orchestras, teenagers. And then we went to the same school of music. And now he is a university music Professor living in Pennsylvania. He's a wonderful musician, and he's a composer. And this is what he had to say. "I think that I'm feeling creative, but just not motivated. As a composer, I can usually complete new composition within about six weeks. I've been working on a current piece now for about six months, I find myself motivated by deadlines, and without the pressure of promise of any future premier. I'm feeling uninspired. The same is true with by practicing on any instrument without any performance opportunities on my schedule. I just feel uninspired. I've been taking some lessons online. So that seems to help me come. Yes. Even at age 60. I still like to take lessons from the pros."

Music  11:06  
Brent Register- original song "Gypsy Tears"

Rory Paul  12:13  
Well, I was trying to think of some words to describe that. I think one kind of sums it up. How about exquisite,

Marta  12:21  
exquisite, yeah. And you know, when you bring back in high school, I had no idea there was that much beauty inside of him. He's a very gifted man. That piece is actually a piece he was commissioned to compose. It's called suganya. cognac, which means Gypsy tears.

Both  12:37  
Lovely. Lovely. Right? Yeah.

Rory Paul  12:40  
So even in the midst of COVID I assume he composed that or we don't know the composer. No,

Marta  12:47  
I don't think so. I think this is something that pre COVID but still it that's what's inside of him. He's got that kind of sound and beauty. Just waiting. But COVID has affected people's You know,

Rory Paul  12:58  
they're like inspiration, right? There's, it's like, reminds me of a song title that I've called Nowhere To Go. So you're all dressed up with this with your creativity. And where do you go with it? That's what we're all a lot of us are trying to figure out.

Marta  13:16  
Yeah. So I think we're gonna hear that song later on in the podcast, aren't we, No Where To Go?

Rory Paul  13:23  
Oh, I don't know. It just popped into my head. Okay. Okay, who knows what we're gonna hear. I mean, you actually have this mapped out? I do. Well, my gosh, gonna scare me. You're trying to scare me Marta. It's working.

Marta  13:42  
Not even gonna go there. Hey, you want to talk about another quote?

Rory Paul  13:45  
Sure. That sounds like a good idea. You do have this mapped out.

Marta  13:50  
I do. I do. This response that I've got from our question was from Gabe Pelli. He's a former student of mine. I think the last time I saw him in person. He was about 13 or 14 years old, and taking violin lessons in my dining room, but he has become a very successful musician. He plays guitar, he sings he does all sorts of things. And right now he's performing and playing with another friend of mine core player called Will Ridenhour, actually Will is a multi instrumentalist, too. And they play in a duo called grand shores, and gave goes by Gabriel Pelli. This is what Gabriel said, "less creative, basically, because of the intense responsibilities and time commitment with a family since COVID. Also fewer creative vehicles in the forms of gigs, scoring, recording, etc, more creative and reimagining my future within and outside of music."

Rory Paul  14:43  
So a lot of people questioning what they're going to do if they can or are not going to be able to hang on to their musical careers. Exactly. We even have a friend of ours that we played some music with here in town and who has played around town for a couple decades, put out a post that he was stopping. Yeah, quitting music. Yeah. After supporting himself for most of his adult life being a musician. It's sad. And it's all over the map, how people are handling this. And we're just hoping and praying that we can all come through this better in some ways, and maybe it's going to be different. But also perhaps if we connect, we can help whether we come back to music or not, we can help each other through this time. And maybe some new ways of connecting and playing and continuing musically both within COVID. And after it will arise from this. That's what I'm hoping

Marta  15:47  
that's what we're hoping even sharing their sound in this podcast is in a hope for me that they'll you know, other people will come across their work and touch base with them. Yeah.

Rory Paul  15:57  
So let's listen to what I think. They call it world music. And I love some world music. And usually, in my mind, it's a lot bigger, you know, big drums and big chanting. Yeah, this is more sparse, but it's quite beautiful. And sometimes less is better. And I think you'll hear that, in this clip of a song.

Marta  16:27  
And Will's coura playing is so authentic. I mean, he has taken it to heart to go to Ghana and study this in a very authentic way. And the way he brings it into contemporary sound is fascinating to me.

Rory Paul  16:39  
Gabriel is singing here on their composition "Knew it Couldn't Last" from their "Tradewinds" CD.

Music  16:50  
Gabriel Pelli- original song

"Was the early 1980s you cut a road through the middle of the woods"

with a chain son, cigarette you built your house out of wood

"on a mountain of crystals"

Marta  17:53  
That was a beautiful song. The last quote we're going to hear from is from Janke, Janke is our youngest listener. And I love their response. It's so full of grace and very sensitive. "I would like to say there is a lot of pressure right now to create because we feel like we have all this free time, dude, our normal lives being interrupted. But we are not on artists retreats, we are in literal survival mode. And all of our systems, both systems of the state, and our own bodies are dysregulated. Right now, that manifests in physical and emotional discomfort, protest and mental distress. There needs to be forgiveness as we navigate a crumbling of everything we know so that something new can come into place. It is difficult to be inspired when we can't collaborate in the same ways or access joy like we are used to. So the best thing you can do is be easy on yourself. Find ways new ways to bring yourself joy at least once a day. Make it a part of your routine, even if nothing physically comes out of it. Part of being raised in a capitalistic society is that we have been made to base our value on our productivity and how much money we are worth. And regardless of what you believe about capitalism, it's important to recognize your worth more than what you make, especially what you give to others. Give something of yourself today." Wow. Yeah, deep stuff. Yeah.

Rory Paul  19:22  
Kind of a little trickle of tears on that one,

Marta  19:27  
right. When you hear the music, you'll hear the same sensitivity very thoughtful, contemplative person who really looks both back and looks at the world and assesses and creates out of what they see. So here's yonka song. They go by romantic animal with their music and this song is called full moon. 

Music  20:20  
Jenke- original song

Rory Paul  20:45  
 So again, looking for a word, I would say ethereal. I would agree. And real and real. Real. That's where the word came from real in the ethers. But we digress or whatever it is we do, what is it? We do here? Mara, we,

Marta  21:08  
I will let you speak for yourself. Oh, wait.

Rory Paul  21:15  
We're I think we're thinking about wrapping up the whole show. But no, no, the guests segment are absolutely,

Marta  21:24  
absolutely. We

Rory Paul  21:25  
call them virtual guests,

Marta  21:27  
in a way, because because with COVID, we can't really bring a lot of people in here. So yeah, we're You

Rory Paul  21:32  
You and I are in here. But what do we talk about that are just let that I guess we'll just let that go. We're comfortable with each other. We practice, you know, safe distancing.

Marta  21:44  
And I've had COVID

Rory Paul  21:45  
and Marta has had COVID. I probably have too, didin't know it. So that's the way to have it. Any rate, the mask can't work talking to this microphone. So we do take them off for that part of the show. And we really appreciated this last part of the show where these folks shared some very deep and intimate feelings about COVID and their artistry. And each one of them touched me in a different way.

Marta  22:17  
I love their transparency and their willingness to be authentic and vulnerable with where they're at.

Both  22:22  
I really appreciate that. Same here.

Rory Paul  22:24  
So now, we're gonna be transparent and vulnerable ourselves. How about you, Marta?

Marta  22:35  
Oh, okay. Okay. Um, yeah, I think one of the reoccurring themes with all of our contributors or virtual casts would be disappointment. And actually, my disappointment started before COVID when the tornado hit my school, I had a really thriving string program. That was a few years ago, it was the spring of 2018. And up to that point, I had elementary kids, many of them under serve, hardly anybody ever was able to take private lessons. So what we accomplished in the classroom was what we accomplished, and yet we were able to go we played in Duke Chapel, we play for bidding Jerry's free cone day, we play with the International Civil Rights Museum, and we were really, it was a thriving program. And then the tornado hit, and basically lost pretty much everything and sent to a different school with a different culture. And it's just, it's just different, but I will not be able to do what I was doing then. And even if I could start rebuilding the program now, I couldn't get it back to where it was before I retired a few years. That's been a big disappointment. And then along came COVID. And that has really changed not just my career as a teacher, but many teachers teaching online teaching violin online, there's it's not like they're prepared lessons that I can upload or download. I have to come up with it and the learning curve, especially for winter chicken teacher, it's been

Both  24:04  
quite a challenge when your students do because these are Elementary School. It's been hard on

Marta  24:10  
everybody, the children, the parents, and it's just been extremely difficult. I have had to learn how to rejoice and be thankful in the little, little accomplishments and just seeing a child's face online and working with me for 30 minutes. I've had to redefine what success is. I can't really talk about it without crying. Sorry.

Rory Paul  24:34  
It's okay. We've all felt like crying a lot here lately.

Marta  24:38  

Rory Paul  24:40  
Maybe it'll lift you up. If you could share a story that lifted me. When you told me about the child. You have your your kids make their little violin.

Marta  24:53  
Thank you for bringing that up.

Rory Paul  24:54  
Yeah, there was one particular story you told me about this child that was online and Go ahead.

Marta  25:00  
Well, that would be the redemptive side of creativity. Through all this, I have poured my creative heart into my teaching and how I approach my lessons and hopefully awakened creativity in them. The little kids were asked to make their own box file ends. And boy did they rise to the occasion, I saw some of the most beautiful creative little box violins you've ever seen. And students get online and they made little videos for me and Hello, Mrs. Richardson look at this and do their little,

Rory Paul  25:31  
like out of little cardboard boxes of

Marta  25:34  
cereal boxes. Some are way too big summer, just it didn't matter because they poured their hearts into it. And then they would do the rest position, play and position, foot position thing. And they were so proud. And I was so proud. And that's exactly what I'm talking about learning to be grateful and thankful for the little things.

Rory Paul  25:50  
Also from tears to big smile is really good. When you told me that story. I was I was learning from I'm grinning from ear to ear now. Yeah.

Marta  26:02  
But a lot of us are feeling displaced, you know, and we're having to reinvent ourselves. And I think we have a song that we're gonna play about feeling a little bit like where we're supposed to go.

Rory Paul  26:14  
Yeah, it's called Nowhere To Go. Anybody relate to that? And not so much the words. But when Marta and I were looking for a song to put in here, we hit on this one because her violin part. You don't even have to have words for it. You just feel that feeling of nowhere to go. Many thanks to Gayla Owen for having somewhere very good to go with a vocal on the song with me. And Marta as always.

Music  27:22  
RP- Original song "Nowhere To Go" 

Why are you so long and lost, my sweet lover man?

Marta  27:47  
Well, that song talks about how the world makes sense. But sometimes it doesn't does it? But I love those words about watering our soul and our roots digging deep. And I do believe that we're going to do that during this time, I do believe I'm choosing to believe in a hopeful way that we are going to even if things don't get better soon, we're going to knit our relationships and help each other and look out for each other. I have to say this is a very hard time. For families. I haven't seen my dad since February, except for window visits. I have single daughters who are you know, kind of feeling cut off from the world. People are having fever and all kinds of challenges right now. Not just musicians and artists, everybody. Everybody is having to work through some kind of challenge no matter how old or young they are. Yeah, yeah.

Rory Paul  28:38  
It's because we're musicians and artists, especially musicians, it will sometimes musicians, I guess we're totally alone. But I know I love playing with other people. And I know you do to us. Absolutely fine fun groups. And so have I. And I can most of my songwriting I do alone, although I love to collaborate with other people. But I don't know why it's been a little bit difficult to find song collaborators, maybe because a lot of people do like writing alone. So I ended up doing that more out of necessity than out of desire. Now it's because because I kind of have to write. But I think overall, I'm a pretty prolific songwriter. And it went down quite a bit at the start of COVID. And only really started picking up in the past few months. And right at the point where it started picking up a few months ago, I wrote this song called real simple title, "Maybe" (Marta) "I love this song". Well, I know for me, that's kind of how it all feels like a big maybe And I tried to put that in a song that may or may be okay. And that maybe there's some things we just don't know about. We're not meant to know about, and we hold to faith and trust. And maybe just move ahead as best we can

Marta  30:21  
"That's right, that's right"

Music  30:24  
RP- original song, "Maybe" 

"Maybe we just should dance, seems like an even chance, howl to the moon, and take what the starlight sends"

"Maybe when the stars fall down, maybe when the lost are found. Maybe we'll be alright, we'll burn with them thru the night"

Rory Paul  31:23  
Maybe we just should dance. Like we're kings and queens of this realm. Strange as it is.

Marta  31:32  
Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world, and everything's going right. And recently that felt that but it's still okay. Well, maybe,

Rory Paul  31:42  
after all, you are a queen.

Marta  31:45  
Yeah, I just haven't figured out my realm yet.

Rory Paul  31:49  
COVID doesn't necessarily seem like a realm that I want to be a ruler of, or even part of, or a peasant or anything in but here we are. kings and queens and in between.

Marta  32:06  
We will find our path, we'll find our path where we're supposed to be. Hey, look at this podcast with this is something I've never had time to do if it hadn't been for COVID

Rory Paul  32:17  
Thank you COVID there's a redemptive thing. Oh my gosh, yeah. We wouldn't have had time to do this. Awesome. Lead where I we trade? my guitar licks followed you by your violin

Marta  32:29  
string. There you go. You

Rory Paul  32:31  
want to listen to that there thing there?

Marta  32:33  
I do want to listen to that. There's thing there. Let's do it. All right

do it. All right.

Rory Paul  32:37  
And Madelyn Calhoun singing with me again. I love it when she does that. Singing with me.

Music  33:04  
Marta/RP- original song, "Maybe"

Maybe you are a Queen, maybe you don't know a thing"

Rory Paul  34:05  
so maybe we'll be alright. We'll burn with those fallen stars on the ground.

Marta  34:11  
Yeah, you know, I I've always told myself you know, there's been times in my life where I felt like the stars lined up and but right now they feel like they're on the ground. Sometimes you have to reach up and get them and I think you know, sometimes you have to go down and pick them up off the ground.

Rory Paul  34:26  
Yeah, they should be nice and warm and toasty, right? You just don't just don't burn the chickens right? Burn the chickens. And we want to thank all the chickens in the coop that helped make this possible. And there were quite a few of them today. The summer

Marta  34:45  
winter, summer spring somewhere in between.

Rory Paul  34:48  
So we're gonna have summer fall winter spring chicken? That's another

Marta  34:54  
Yeah. Okay, here we go again. So anyways, what I want to do is for you guys that were already listeners for the podcast. If you're interested in knowing who these musicians were these songwriters, we're, I'm going to post everything on our Facebook page, all the links to their work so that you can pursue what you like about them and find them. And there'll be on the creative coop with a winter chickens Facebook page,

Rory Paul  35:20  
along with Maker's Wine all music you hear is the original copyrighted material of your hosts, and their guests.

Marta  35:29  
Our next podcast is going to be a continuing creativity and COVID. But we're going to talk about some of the more positive things that are happening during this season.

Rory Paul  35:39  
Yeah, enough of this trial, turmoil and struggle, although, you know, hey, it's real. We can learn from it. Yeah,

Marta  35:46  
it's real. And we know that we do know that people are hurting. And we want to acknowledge that and give us some hope from the same time. So

Rory Paul  35:53  
the next one's going to be a little more upbeat. And we'd like your upbeat creations for our next time.

Marta  36:02  
Sure, let us know what you're doing that's creative that you've come alive and your creativity during COVID we'd love to hear about it. We

Rory Paul  36:08  
sure would. Marta's and my music, including our songs on this show can be found at: https://www.makerswine.bandcamp.com

Music  36:28  
RP- original song "Pilgrim Road"

Rory Paul  36:30  
"Oh Pilgrim Road, how quickly turns the wheel, how empty is the victory as we turn another deal. Oh Pilgrim Road, we say we've seem the light, but did we make arrangements for the night, For the night."

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Brent Register

Guest Artist

Thank you for sharing your heart and music!

Gabriel Pelli/ Will Ridenhour

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Thank you for sharing your heart and music!