Nov. 23, 2020

The Creative Coop, Meet the Chickens

The Creative Coop, Meet the Chickens

 Inside the Creative Coop, you'll meet Marta and Rory Paul. As spring chickens, she was a dorky orchestra girl, and he was just a guy in a band. Time has flown, and they have grown, into full feathered creative Winter Chickens. They love creativity, to talk it, sing it, and bring it, to you. They talk about the sweet, mystical Muse, symphonies, rock, and blues, whatever you and the Chickens choose. Come roost with them, and hatch your own creative eggs. You're off the clock, come join the flock.


Marta and Rory Paul (together):  You're in The Creative Coop with Marta and Rory Paul, The Winter Chickens.

Marta:  Join us every other week, we'll tighten up our seatbelts, and together we'll let our creativity fly.

Music (RP's original song, "Let It Fly Away"):  Wings are beating tonight.

Rory Paul:  Welcome to our podcast about creativity, and loving it.

Marta:  And whether you're a spring chicken or a winter chicken, something unique in you is waiting to hatch.

Music ("Let It Fly Away"):  Waves are following me.

Rory Paul:  We'll talk creativity, sing about it, play with it.

Marta:  Hoping to inspire and encourage you to take flight with us.

Music ("Let It Fly Away"):  Let it go, let it fly away.

Rory Paul:  Subscribe to our podcast so you  can catch our first episode, coming soon.

Marta:  Listen to what we do in our Creative Coop. We can't wait to hear what you are doing in yours.

Music ("Let It Fly Away"):  It's going to be OK. Let it go, let if fly away,  fly away.